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Commercial refrigeration originated in 1842 with the invention of a system that was able to turn water into ice. By the late 1800s, the first commercial ice maker was introduced in the United States. Shortly thereafter, industries began to rely on commercial refrigeration capabilities in order to ship perishables. The expansive supply chains and distribution pipelines that are present today would not be possible without commercial grade refrigeration. Businesses that rely on keeping products at temperatures between minus twenty to forty degrees Celsius would not be able to operate without refrigeration and ice machines. SRA Commercial Refrigeration works on and repairs commercial grade machines.

SRA is an Australian company that operates in the Perth area. The company repairs and services commercial refrigeration units, including cool rooms, ice machines, cold plates, beer chillers, and vending machines. Other types of commercial grade machines, such as two door fridges and drinks fridges are also serviced. Although some of these types of machines are self-explanatory, cold plates are usually found in meat shops where the food has to be kept in an environment with high humidity levels. An additional type of commercial grade equipment is the under bench fridge, which is commonly used in large kitchens for convenient storage and access.

One of the features of contemporary commercial refrigeration equipment is that it utilizes a vapor compression cycle. Those looking for the services of Commercial Refrigeration Perth will rest assured knowing that Australian companies are experts when it comes to this type of equipment. Besides servicing existing equipment, commercial refrigeration companies in the area may make their own equipment for sale. These companies can also install commercial grade refrigerators, taking the guesswork out of whether a warranty has been violated or the equipment has been damaged. Check out for information about services companies offer.

A reliable commercial refigeration expert will not only have trained technicians, but provide an extensive warranty on all replacement parts. Look for at least a one-year warranty for parts that need to be replaced to keep the equipment running smoothly. Commercial grade refrigerators have become a staple of any restaurant, grocery store, brewery, or shipping company. The distribution pipeline not only includes the fleet vehicles and warehouses that transport the food, but the retail outlet that serves the end customer with the product. A service provider that has technicians ready to dispatch twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, can ensure that your equipment is never down for long.

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